Construction Ready is an industry-led initiative developed by the Construction Foundation of BC to increase awareness of construction careers by equipping high school students with the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge required for a successful career in construction.

Developed based on guidance provided by members of industry across British Columbia, Construction Ready and FutureBuilder enable employers, educators, and youth to work together to bridge the gap between high school and construction jobs.

High school students have access to programs that provide them the chance to gain high school credits through real world work experience and even collect apprenticeship hours. Industry involvement is critical to making these opportunities available. Construction Ready is a means for industry to give back while building the next generation of construction professionals.


The Right Attitude, Skills & Knowledge

Through consultation with industry and educators across the province, having the right attitude, skills and knowledge were identified as the three core expectations of young people as they start out in the construction industry.  This concept of three core attributes is shared with students as the Industry ASK.

Through guided discussion and activity, students are introduced to the various ways that they can develop and demonstrate that they have the Industry ASK.  The Rubric is one tool that is used in classrooms and on worksites across the province to initiative discussion around what is and isn’t acceptable work behavior.

As students continue to develop an understanding of what it means to have “The Industry ASK”, they move on to the FutureBuilder online tool.

An Online Record of Achievement

FutureBuilder is an online tool that guides students through activities that give them experiences that will demonstrate they have the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge required of a new hire.

Students use FutureBuilder as a tool to plan and document their high school experience, while graduating students use it to prepare for apprenticeship. From Job Shadowing to joining a Sports Team or Club, the experiences that young people are accumulating are enabling them to become ready for life after school.

Through FutureBuilder, employers can create a company profile to receive and sort portfolios that students share with them. Employers can use the App to identify potential workers early in their career development and provide support and guidance to help the next generation realize their potential.

Access the FutureBuilder Workbook to view the types of activities students are completing within the app.


There are numerous ways you can be a part of the Construction Ready community.

Connect with our Construction Career Catalysts to explore ways that you can become a part of the Construction Ready community as we work together to build the next generation of industry professionals.

There are several ways you can provide an exploration opportunity for high school students who are interested in construction careers.

Many of these opportunities help students to complete activities in the FutureBuilder online tool.  The various activities within the tool can be previewed here.

Industry Talks

Our Industry Talks take place in classrooms and gymnasiums across the province. The Talks are quick paced and provide students with real world information on the various kinds of trades and job options available to them in the industry.

Safety Talks

Our LearnSafe initiative brings employers to shop classes across the province to share Safety focused information.

Work Experience

Did you know that some students may be eligible to receive high school credits for work experience? If you are interested in taking on a student, we can help connect you with the right people.

Site Tours

Site Tours provide students with an opportunity to see and experience a construction site.

Job Shadow

Job Shadows involve having a student follow you for one day.

Student Information Interviews

Would you be willing to take a call from a student who has questions about your profession?

Many students are curious about what it takes to make it in a specific career and having a dialog with an industry professional is one way they can find out.

Employer / Educator Events

The Construction Ready team holds several events around the province each year that bring industry and employers together share and discuss ways that we can all support young people as they prepare for and enter the Construction Industry.

Youth / Employer Events

We also hold events in the schools that bring employers and students together.  Our last Showcase Event brought employers into the Explore A Trade class at Salmon Arm Secondary to view the students' year end projects and potentially make a summer hire!  Read more about this event on our blog.

Create a profile on FutureBuilder and encourage the young people working for you or students you meet to do the same.  As students work through the various activities included in FutureBuilder, they can connect with you to share their progress.

The Employer Endorsements option is coming soon and will allow students to seek your stamp of approval on projects or work experience that they are documenting in FutureBuilder.



The Guide shares more information about the Construction Ready initiative.


The Industry ASK poster provides an overview of the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge that employers look for in a new hire.


A tool used to identify employer expectations of young workers starting out in construction employment.


Identify and pursue goals that will lead to a career in construction!